Photo by  Tatanja Ross

Photo by Tatanja Ross

Print with Helio Press

Welcome to the print page! Whether you're experienced with the wonders of riso, or printing for the first time, we're here to help you make something amazing. 

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Masters: $8 (for zines masters are $4 each)
A4 impression: 10c
A3 impression: 20c
Labor: $50 per hour (most jobs take one hour)
File prep: $50 per hour

Paper cost: Envirocare 100 and 150gsm is included in the above costs, see below for other options and prices.

Email us at for any questions and to start printing!

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Helio House favourite
Envirocare - 100, 150 & 250gsm
100% recycled, just off-white. Super smooth, perfect for detailed works.
Great for zine pages, zine covers, posters, business cards, flyers, record covers, art prints, everything!
We also have a small amount of 70gsm A3 envirocare left.

100 and 150gsm are included in standard printing costs.
250gsm A4: +10c per sheet
250gsm A3: +15c per sheet

Current alternative paper options - often rotating, check back in!

No extra charge:
Stenbeis Trendwhite A4 - 80gsm
Evolve 100% recycled A3 - 80gsm

Stenbeis Magic Colour orange A4 - 80gsm
Stenbeis Magic Colour blue A4 - 80gsm
Stenbeis Magic Colour green A4 - 80gsm
J. Burrows Tinted Paper pink A4 - 80gsm
Ecocern recycled brown A4 - 105gsm
Reflex green A3 - 80gsm

Extra charge:
Envirocare 250gsm
100% recycled, just off-white. Perfect for detailed works.
I use this stock for zine covers all the time, also great for postcards, business cards and prints.
A4: +10c per sheet
A3: +15c per sheet

Wild 150gsm
Beautiful bright white, textured stock. Makes colours pop! Great for art prints.
Small detail and tonal variation gets a little lost, but the textured effect is stunning. Check in with me if you're not sure if it's right for you.
A4: +30c per sheet
A3: +60c per sheet

Kaskad raven black A4 - 100gsm - +5c per sheet
Super super smooth, looks amazing with light grey ink.

Colorplan Candy Pink - A4 and A3 - 270gsm: +30c per sheet for A4, +50c per sheet for A3
Incredible textured pink stock, great for prints, greeting cards and zine covers. Limited supplies.

Tablex pink A4 - 250gsm: +10c per sheet
A favourite of mine, unfortunately now discontinued! Nice n smooth pastel pink, great for zine covers and prints. Grab it before its gone forever.

Matt sticker paper - A4 - 80gsm: +20c per sheet

Wacky Wedding Collection - does tacky wedding stationery with roses embossed in paper and lil tinsle sparkles sound good to you? This paper is truly special, please make something weird with it. Email us for more info – limited supplies available.

If you would like a sample pack or would like us to order in something special, get in touch at
If you know of any incredible recycled and/or Australian paper we should know about, please tell us!
We would love to expand our range of recycled and local stock.