Risograph Zine Workshop - Sept 23

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Risograph Zine Workshop - Sept 23

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*This is the page for the Risograph Zine Workshop on Sunday September 23, 1-4pm - we also have a Risograph Print Workshop coming up!*

Join Ashley the human and Myrtle the Risograph RP3700 at Helio Press HQ in Brunswick, Melbourne for a risograph zine making workshop! Over three hours we will learn about risograph history, how the process works and examine the methods used to make different kinds of risograph prints. We’ll also take a small dive into zine history and look at the many many forms a zine can take.

We’ll then experiment with drawing, collage and zine idea brainstorming before we jump into making an edition of 8-page zines! You’ll each walk away with 20 8-page zines and maybe even do some zine swaps with some of your new workshop mates.

We’ll be making all the artwork for the zine during the workshop, so if you have any preferred tools, bring them along! We also have a huge bunch of art supplies here for you to use.

This is a small workshop with only six places available. The concession price is for healthcare card holders and students.

Please note: The workshop could run over three hours, so make sure you don’t plan anything for immediately after!

Please also note: While Myrtle (the risograph printer) is currently working very well, there is a small chance she could break at some point during the workshop - one of the joys of risography. Should this happen, Ashley may complete your prints for pick up later, organise a new workshop date or issue a partial refund at her discretion (outcome is dependent on the time of breakage during the workshop).

Refunds are only available if I can find someone to fill your place, please make sure you’re free when booking.

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